Guitar Pro

guitarpro1Guitar Pro offers many reading features: 3 types of notation (standard, tablature and slash), zoom and a virtual fretboard and keyboard to visualize the exact positioning of your fingers on them.

Create your own professional scores for one or several instruments and capture your notes quickly with the numerical pad, the mouse, or even a MIDI instrument. You can also import your .gtp, .gp3, .gp4, .gp5  .gpx and MusicXML.

Guitar Pro SoftwareNote value (from whole note to sixty-fourth note), triolets, n-tuplets, rest, dynamics, accents, tied note, accidental, fingering for left and right hand, up and down pick strokes, barre chords, stems and ligatures. You can also add comments to the score, lyrics and chord diagrams.

Chords: Ask any chord and Guitar Pro will display all possible positions on the fretboard. Draw a diagram by clicking on the chord grid and see all matching names.

Scales: View and listen many scales from the most common to the most exotic ones. The selected scale can be displayed on the fretboard or piano to help you compose your song, write a solo or melody line.

Lyrics: Easily enter the lyrics of your songs and arrange them on top of your vocal track. You can also add annotations to point riffs or solos out that might need some extra explanation for being played properly.

Digital tuner and MIDI: The digital tuner allows you to tune your guitar by plugging it into your soundcard or via a microphone. The digital tuner works for all possible tunings (drop, open tunings, etc.).

Virtual instruments let you view and enter musical notes from a graphical representation of your instrument. It can display notes of the current time, the notes of the current bar or of the selected scale. Intuitive and easy to use, it is an ideal tool for beginners or tablature notation fans.

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The software is available in Czech, Danish, Deutsch, Greek, English, Spanish, Finnish, French, Hebrew, Croatian, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovenian, Swedish, Turkish, Vietnamese, Traditional and Simplified Chinese.

Download Guitar Pro

Operating system: Windows XP 7 8 10, Mac OS X 10.4 or later, Linux Ubuntu 9.10 or higher

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Notation Software Germany

The company “Notation Software Germany” offers two programs for the notation of music: Notation Composer (approx. US$ 99, – / order…) and Notation Musician (approx. US$ 60, – / order…).
With both programs, MIDI files can be downloaded from the Internet and displayed as musical notes (sheet music). For playing the music, you can change the tempo as desired, transpose the notes as required (higher or lower) and also raise or lower the volume of any instrument in the score.

In addition, you can add lyrics or free text with both versions, print out the sheet music (overall, thus the whole score, or also individual instruments), drum notes and much more.
Notation Composer also offers the possibility to create, arrange and compose your own music pieces.
For this, the single notes can be entered via mouse, computer keyboard or with a MIDI Keyboard. You can also edit all the MIDI controller data like in a midi sequencer program.

There are also demo versions of both products for download and trial:

notation composerNotation Composer
download (12.9 MB)

Notation Composer
Information at the developer’s website

notation musicianNotation Musician
download (12.7 MB)

Notation Musician
Informationen at the developer’s website

Both music programs are for Windows, but can also be installed and run under Mac, Ubuntu and openSUSE (with the software package Wine).

Steinberg Dorico

dorico notation softwareDorico Notation Software – Advanced Music Notation System

Dorico is a next-generation 64-bit scoring software for OS X and Windows, designed by musicians for musicians. It redefines the gold standard in scoring software. Its musical intelligence is like having an expert assistant by your side, while its intuitive workflows help you focus on each aspect of score preparation. Dorico’s output equals the finest music engraving, and brings music to life through Steinberg’s award-winning audio engine. Dorico uses the award-winning 32-bit floating-point Steinberg audio engine with up to 192 kHz and flexible routing for virtual instrument and effect playback, with powerful score management features to handle multiple independent pieces of music within the same project.


  • Next-generation 64-bit scoring software for OS X and Windows, designed by musicians for musicians
  • Beautiful engraved output with unrivaled attention to detail
  • Flexible note input and powerful editing, including ability to insert and change duration of existing notes
  • Streamlined, single window interface puts every tool at your fingertips
  • Powerful score management features to handle multiple independent pieces of music within the same project
  • Unlimited number of staves and movements, sections, or pieces within the same project
  • Easily create layouts for full scores, conductor scores and instrumental parts
  • Use your computer keyboard or MIDI keyboard to input music quickly and efficiently
  • Superior note spacing with optical kerning of adjacent elements, with tighter default spacing and no rhythmic distortion
  • Import and export in MusicXML, MIDI and graphics formats
  • Award-winning 32-bit floating-point Steinberg audio engine with up to 192 kHz
  • Compatible with VST 3 virtual instruments and effects processors
  • Outstanding virtual instruments with more than 1,500 sounds

Dorico Software

Encore Notation Software

Encore Notation is a music writing software application that lets you create, play back and print beautiful sheet music easily. Since more than 20 years Encore Notation from Passport Music Software is one of the leading music notation programs – easy to use – powerfull and reliable. Encore is a very intuitive music writing and composition software what instantly turns your songs and arrangements into perfect looking sheet music. Editing and printing musical notation was never easier.

Encore for Windows contains the following language options:
· English
· French, Français
· Portuguese, Português
· Spanish, Español
· German, Deutsch
· Dutch, Nederlands

Passport Music Software