Notation Software Germany

The company “Notation Software Germany” offers two programs for the notation of music: Notation Composer (approx. US$ 99, – / order…) and Notation Musician (approx. US$ 60, – / order…).
With both programs, MIDI files can be downloaded from the Internet and displayed as musical notes (sheet music). For playing the music, you can change the tempo as desired, transpose the notes as required (higher or lower) and also raise or lower the volume of any instrument in the score.

In addition, you can add lyrics or free text with both versions, print out the sheet music (overall, thus the whole score, or also individual instruments), drum notes and much more.
Notation Composer also offers the possibility to create, arrange and compose your own music pieces.
For this, the single notes can be entered via mouse, computer keyboard or with a MIDI Keyboard. You can also edit all the MIDI controller data like in a midi sequencer program.

There are also demo versions of both products for download and trial:

notation composerNotation Composer
download (12.9 MB)

Notation Composer
Information at the developer’s website

notation musicianNotation Musician
download (12.7 MB)

Notation Musician
Informationen at the developer’s website

Both music programs are for Windows, but can also be installed and run under Mac, Ubuntu and openSUSE (with the software package Wine).